What is MetrixCentral?

MetrixCentral provides a simple means of publishing your Energy Tracking and M&V reports to the web. Our customers are energy managers and Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) who want their bill tracking data easily available to their customers.

Who Uses MetrixCentral?

MetrixCentral is used mostly by Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) that want to push their M&V reports to the web, so that their clients can view their M&V results online. MetrixCentral is also used by school districts, real estate managers, and government energy managers.

How Can MetrixCentral Help Me?

There is a tremendous benefit to be had by making utility usage data available to those managing the buildings. If energy users were more aware of their energy usage patterns, they would be more mindful, and therefore be more likely to reduce energy consumption through better energy management techniques, such as shutting off lights.

What is Metrix Utility Accounting System?

Metrix Utility Accounting System is a utility bill tracking software package that specializes in determining savings from energy conservation measures. Metrix allows users to compare usage across several years, but even better, Metrix allows users to remove the effects of weather, number of billing days, and increases in square footage from the savings equation. If it was hot one year, and cool the next, it would appear that the building was saving energy, whereas, it may not be. However, with Metrix’s weather correction algorithms, the effect of weather would be completely factored out, and a true comparison of usage can be presented.

Where Can I Get More Information about Metrix?

Metrix is sold by Abraxas Energy Consulting. Their website has lots of information about the software. You can download a 30-day free evaluation copy of Metrix on their site.

What is M&V?

M&V stands for Monitoring and Verification, which is a fancy way of saying, proving that energy projects are saving energy or not. Many Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) use Metrix to verify that their energy savings building retrofits are indeed saving energy and money.

What is the Difference Between Bill Tracking and M&V?

Many energy managers track their utility bill data in order to gage their buildings performance, and to isolate buildings that are consuming too much energy. M&V is used primarily by ESCOs and energy consultants to track whether buildings are saving the amount of energy as was claimed by the ESCO.